No longer an Employee of Amarillo College

Amanda Ashbaugh

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  • BBA West Texas A&M University
    General Business
  • AAT Amarillo College
    Assoc Arts Teach/Education

Previous Positions


Courses Taught at Amarillo College

Course IDCourse NameTerm
EDUC-1100-MCC2FYS - Learning Framework2023SP
NSO-0002-MCC4New Student Orient - General2022SU
NSO-0002-MCC1New Student Orient - General2022SU
NSO-0002-MCC3New Student Orient - General2022SU
NSO-0002-MCC5New Student Orient - General2022SU
EDUC-1100-MCC2FYS - Learning Framework2022SP
NSO-0002-MCC6New Student Orient - General2022SP
NSO-0002-MCC1New Student Orient - General2022SP
EDUC-1100-124FYS - Learning Framework2022FA
EDUC-1100-125FYS - Learning Framework2022FA
EDUC-1100-120FYS - Learning Framework2021FA
EDUC-1100-123FYS - Learning Framework2021FA
NSO-0002-MCCT1New Student Orient - General2021FA
NSO-0002-MCC1New Student Orient - General2021FA

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