Arthur Schneider

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Adjunct Faculty - Physical Sciences
Physical Sciences


  • B.S. University of Texas/Pan American
  • M.S. Western Connecticut State University
  • 18 graduate hrs in Physics

Previous Positions


Courses Taught at Amarillo College

Course IDCourse NameTerm
PHYS-1401-DC002College Physics I2025SP
PHYS-1401-DC003College Physics I2025SP
PHYS-1402-DC001College Physics II2025SP
PHYS-1402-DC003College Physics II2025SP
PHYS-1401-DC002College Physics I2024SP
PHYS-1401-DC003College Physics I2024SP
PHYS-1401-DC002College Physics I2023SP
PHYS-1402-DC001College Physics II2023SP
PHYS-1401-DC003College Physics I2023SP
PHYS-1103-001Stars & Galaxies Lab2022SP
PHYS-1103-002Stars & Galaxies Lab2022SP
PHYS-1303-001Stars & Galaxies2022SP
PHYS-1401-DC002College Physics I2022SP
PHYS-1402-DC001College Physics II2022SP
PHYS-1103-001Stars & Galaxies Lab2021SP
PHYS-1103-002Stars & Galaxies Lab2021SP
PHYS-1303-001Stars & Galaxies2021SP
PHYS-1401-DC002College Physics I2021SP
PHYS-1402-DC001College Physics II2021SP
PHYS-1104-001Solar Systems Laboratory2021FA
PHYS-1104-002Solar Systems Laboratory2021FA
PHYS-1304-001Solar Systems2021FA
PHYS-1401-001College Physics I2021FA
PHYS-1401-001College Physics I2021FA
PHYS-1103-001Stars & Galaxies Lab2020SP
PHYS-1103-002Stars & Galaxies Lab2020SP
PHYS-1303-001Stars & Galaxies2020SP
PHYS-1402-DC002College Physics II2020SP
PHYS-1401-DC002College Physics I2020SP
PHYS-1304-001Solar Systems2020FA
PHYS-1104-001Solar Systems Laboratory2020FA
PHYS-1104-002Solar Systems Laboratory2020FA
PHYS-1402-DC003College Physics II2019SP
PHYS-1401-DC002College Physics I2019SP
PHYS-1103-001Stars & Galaxies Lab2019SP
PHYS-1103-002Stars & Galaxies Lab2019SP
PHYS-1303-001Stars & Galaxies2019SP
PHYS-1104-002Solar Systems Laboratory2019FA
PHYS-1104-001Solar Systems Laboratory2019FA
PHYS-1304-001Solar Systems2019FA

Other Credentials

PHYS 302--Wind Energy Turbines; 3 hr
PHYS 520S--Special Topics; 1 hr
PHYS 301--Solar Energy; 3 hr
PHYS 660--Evolution of Physics; 3 hr
PHYS 341-1--Lab Problems; 3 hr
PHYS 341-2--Lab Problems; 3 hr
PHYS 665--Concepts of Modern Physics; 3 hr

Publications, Presentations, Public Works and Awards


2010- Sept Recipient, Co-PI -NSF Solar Energy Grant- Amarillo College

2009- May Consultant- ARAMCO- Saudi Arabia- Math & Science University Professional Skills Inst.

2006-2007 Text Teams- Properties/Matter Regional Collaborative

1993-2009 Regional Collab. for Excellence in Science Teaching, Earth,Space,Physics

2002 Recipient-NSF-ATE-Amarillo College Teacher Math/ Science. Grt.

2001 Field of Study Curriculum Committee-Engineering- THECOB

2000- Recipient- NSF-Computer Sc. Math. Engineering Scholarship Prog. Grt.

1999-2002 Amarillo College- TexPrep Director

1997- Core Curriculum Committee- Texas Higher Education Coordinating Bd.

1995 Consultant- Corporate Training Effectiveness Assessment-Pantex Plant

1994 Recipient,Higher Ed. Coordinating Board Planning Grant, Thematic Science

1993-94 Consultant teaching-Thematic Science, Region XVI Service Ctr.

1992-97 Integrated Physical Science Instruction- Middle School Science Teachers

1992 Recipient, N.S.F. Grant, Microcomputer Based Physics Lab.

1991-93 Texas Faculty Enhancement Program for Two Year College Physics Faculty,  Texas A & M University. (NSF Supported)

1989 Recipient, N.S.F. Grant, Laboratory Improvement

1979 & 83 Career clinics, Pampa Schools

1980-82 Consultant teaching-astronomy, Region XVI Service Ctr.

1982 Consultant teaching-physics, Amarillo Independent School District.

1982- 2011 Adjunct Instructor-astronomy, geology, meteorology, earth science and
oceanography, Wayland Baptist University, Amarillo Tx. Campus.

1979 Consultant work for Spitz Space Systems


OTHER ITEMS: Conduct monthly star parties at Palo Duro Canyon State Park, assist with star parties at
Clayton Lake State Park. Participate at star parties at Comanche Springs Astronomy Campus- Crowell,
Texas, 3RF, provide numerous star parties and school visits for solar viewing in the Panhandle.



Sky & Telescope. January, 1975. "Talcott Mt. Science Center".

Sky & Telescope. December,1979. "Solar Telescope".

Journal of S.W. Regional Conference for Astronomy & Astro-

Physics. May 21, 1979. "A Solar Telescope for the Texas Panhandle".

"Laboratory Manual for Medical Physics", 1987. A.C.

"Laboratory Manual for Physical Science II", 1987. A.C.

"Laboratory Manual for Intro. Astronomy I, 1992. A.C.

"Laboratory Manual for Intro. Astronomy II, 1992. A.C.


Recognition: Professor Emeritus Status- bestowed, May 2009