Craig Clifton

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Executive Director of Enrichment and Wellness
Physical Education


  • M.S. West Texas A&M University
  • A.S. Vernon Regional Junior College
  • B.S. West Texas State University

Previous Positions

Sports Official- Basketball, Volleyball1982-09-012011-10-05
Graduate Teaching Assistant-Sports and Exercise Sciences Dpt. WTAMU1984-08-301986-05-30
Intramural Sports Program Coordinator- WTAMU1984-08-301985-08-29
Fitness Program Coordinator-Mesa Petrolium T-Boone Pickens Fitness Center1985-08-301988-08-29
First Aid/CPR Instructor1988-08-301995-08-30
Lifeguard Instructor1988-08-301991-08-30
Wellness Coordinator- West Texas A&M University1988-08-301991-08-30

Courses Taught at Amarillo College

Course IDCourse NameTerm
PHED-1101-001Lifetime Fitness2025SU
HECO-1322-001Nutrition & Diet Therapy2025SP
PHED-1101-001Lifetime Fitness2025SP
PHED-1301-MCC1Foundations of Kinesiology2025SP
PHED-1331-001Essential Elem-Wellness Child2025SP
PHED-1101-001Lifetime Fitness2024SU
PHED-1101-001Lifetime Fitness2024SP
PHED-1331-001Essential Elem-Wellness Child2024SP
PHED-1301-MCC1Foundations of Kinesiology2024SP
PHED-1101-001Lifetime Fitness2024FA
PHED-1301-MCC2Foundations of Kinesiology2024FA
PHED-1331-001Essential Elem-Wellness Child2024FA
PHED-1101-001Lifetime Fitness2023SU
HECO-1322-001Nutrition & Diet Therapy2023SP
PHED-1101-001Lifetime Fitness2023SP
PHED-1301-020Foundations of Kinesiology2023SP
PHED-1331-001Essential Elem-Wellness Child2023SP
PHED-1101-001Lifetime Fitness2023FA
PHED-1331-001Essential Elem-Wellness Child2023FA
PHED-1301-001Foundations of Kinesiology2023FA
PHED-1101-001Lifetime Fitness2022SU
PHED-1331-001Essential Elem-Wellness Child2022SP
PHED-1101-001Lifetime Fitness2022SP
PHED-1301-020Foundations of Kinesiology2022SP
HECO-1322-001Nutrition & Diet Therapy2022SP
PHED-1331-001Essential Elem-Wellness Child2022FA
HECO-1322-001Nutrition & Diet Therapy2022FA
PHED-1101-001Lifetime Fitness2022FA
PHED-1331-001Essential Elem-Wellness Child2021SP
HECO-1322-001Nutrition & Diet Therapy2021SP
PHED-1301-020Foundations of Kinesiology2021SP
PHED-1101-001Lifetime Fitness2021SP
HECO-1322-001Nutrition & Diet Therapy2021FA
PHED-1301-020Foundations of Kinesiology2021FA
PHED-1101-001Lifetime Fitness2021FA
PHED-1331-001Essential Elem-Wellness Child2021FA
PHED-1301-020Foundations of Kinesiology2020SP
PHED-1101-001Lifetime Fitness2020SP
PHED-1331-001Essential Elem-Wellness Child2020SP
HECO-1322-003Nutrition & Diet Therapy2020SP
PHED-1101-001Lifetime Fitness2020FA
PHED-1301-020Foundations of Kinesiology2020FA
PHED-1331-001Essential Elem-Wellness Child2020FA
HECO-1322-003Nutrition & Diet Therapy2020FA
PHED-1301-021Foundations of Kinesiology2019SU
PHED-1101-001Lifetime Fitness2019SP
PHED-1331-001Essential Elem-Wellness Child2019SP
SPRT-101-001Intramural Sports2019SP
PHED-1101-001Lifetime Fitness2019FA
PHED-1301-001Foundations of Kinesiology2019FA
PHED-1331-001Essential Elem-Wellness Child2019FA

Other Credentials

ACSM Health Fitness Instructor Certification
American College of Sports Medicine(ACSM) Health Fitness Director Certification
Cooper Aerobics Center Group Exercise Leader Certification
First Aid/CPR Instructor Certified
Lifeguard Certification
First Aid/CPR Certified
PE 204 Foundations of Physical Education
PE 232 Techniques of Team Sports
PE 302 Kinesiology
PE 304 Evaluation Techniques/ Appraisal Methods
PE 231 Techniqes of Individual Sports
PE 230 Techniques of Racket Sports
PE 422 Methods of individual and Team Sports
PE 430 Organization and Administration of Health and PE
PE 233 Techniques of Dance
PE 341 Exercise Physiology
ED S 429 Teaching Physical Education
Ed X 441 Student Teaching
HE 5306 Family Life and Sex Education
PE 5412 Advanced Athletic Trainig
PE 5372 Camping Education
HPE 5520 Psycological and Social Aspects of Sports
HPE 5542 Advanced Exercise Physiology
PE 5381 Community Recreation
HPE 5510 Philosophy and HIstory of PE
HPE 5550 Problems in Health and PE
HPE 5544 Cardiorespiratory Physiology
HPE 5546 Environmental Physiology

Publications, Presentations, Public Works and Awards