Help with AC Connect Portal

AC Connect Portal links you to various services to enable you to be successful at Amarillo College. These services are provided to you by AC and other vendors to help you as a Student, Faculty or Staff. Our Single Sign-on Solution is not in place yet, so logging into each area is required. In some cases that login will work across multiple applications, such as the ones managed by Google. Logging into one area of WebAdvisor logs you into all areas of Webadvisor you have rights to. We hope this Help Guide assists you in navigating the new AC Connect Portal.

Screenshots have been provided of the different log in screens.

Blackboard - Quick Guide


Syllabus Manager

The Syllabus Manager is here for you to find your syllabus if it is not linked in Blackboard. You can also view course syllabi for the upcoming semester.

No login required.


AC Print Hub - Quick Guide


Amarillo College Google Managed Apps

Apps require a login. They include managing your print account, online office applications managed by Google, including Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Presentations. And Google Calendar to keep track of appointments, assignments, and other events.

Below is a screenshot of the Amarillo College Google Apps login page. You'll be prompted to log in. Select your Amarillo College account if it is listed. If not, choose Use Another Account and enter your email address, then your password when prompted for it. Once you are logged in you have access to all Amarillo College Google Applications, including Google Drive and GMail(Amarillo College Email). Use your email address (ex. and Password (Same as your password for Blackboard, MyAccount and Self-Service). Once you do you can create your document.

Google Log-in Screenshot


Your doc saves automatically to your Amarillo College Google Drive Space, where you have Unlimited Storage Space. Your only limitation is single file size cannot exceed 5TB (terrabytes). The process is the same for Google Sheets(MS Excel) and Google Presentations(MS PowerPoint). In fact, you can save these as the MS versions. Click on File -> Download -> and choose your file type.

Google Docs Screenshot


Options include: .docx(Microsoft Word), .pdf, .html, .txt, .rtf(Rich Text Format) and .odt(Open Office). Similar options are available for Google Sheets, Excel, Open Office, PDF, TXT and CSV(Comma Separated Value). Google Presentations will download as MS PowerPoint, Open Office Document, Jpeg, PNG and SVG image formats as well.

Outlook (Employee Web Email Access) - Quick Guide


MyACcount - Quick Guide