IF YOU ARE IN IMMEDIATE DANGER, CALL 911, or AC Police (806-371-5911)
Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form


This form is intended to be used to report incidents of sexual misconduct or assault to Amarillo College ("AC") when either the victim or the person being accused is an AC student or employee.


Sexual misconduct/ assault can entail physical, verbal, written, audible, visual and/or electronic activity and includes but is not limited to: sexual violence; sexual harassment; sexual exploitation; dating/intimate partner violence; domestic violence; stalking; sexual coercion; and sexual exploitation as defined by state and federal law and Amarillo College policy.

Anonymous reporting is allowed pursuant to Chapter 51 of the Texas Education Code. There will be no retaliation for good faith reports of sexual misconduct/ assault. Please consider providing your information for effective follow up.


The following offices are also available during regular business hours for support and more information about resources.

  • Student Affairs - 806-371-5431
  • Counseling Center - 806-371-5900
  • Title IX Coordinator - 806-371-5040 or 806-371-5431
  • Human Resources - 806-371-5040
  • AC Police (Emergency) 806-371-5911 (Non-Emergency 806-371-5163)

For more information, visit AC's Title IX page

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Incident Specifics

Please select any and all conduct that applies to include physical, verbal, written, audible, visual and electronic activity.
The definitions below are only examples that do not necessarily reflect all prohibited conduct and are not intended to be legal definitions of a crime or act.

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While providing details is essential to investigating your complaint, please be advised that some or all of the information you provide in this section may be shared with the accused. You may supplement this description later if you wish to share additional information.

By clicking Submit Report below, your report will be forwarded to the AC Title IX Coordinator for review and you will be initially contacted by someone on their staff provided your report is not marked as anonymous.

Your report may also be forwarded to another authorized AC department for further handling, such as the ACPD or outside law enforcement agency as appropriate.

By submitting this form, I certify the information I have provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.